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Sports Development Officer (SDO)

About the Job
We’re recruiting Sports Development Officers accredited by a recognized association with demonstrated coaching experience at a professional level in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

Duplays was founded in 2007, to bring strangers together through the spirit of competition, by organizing sports leagues and teams for a myriad of recreational activities aiming to increase public health and shatter segregation through sport. Today, we embark on not just organizing high-quality sports experiences but building best-in-class multi-sport facilities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We’re joining Sports for All (SFA) on an exciting and groundbreaking mission, to increase the public's participation in recreational activities. Our facilities, at 7,000 sq. meters plus, will be home to various sports, offering a temperature-controlled, open space for individual customers, academies and federations to play the games they love.

To be considered for this role you’ll need to be a spokesperson for your game with a passion to promote your sport in the region. You’ll need to be an exceptional communicator in both English and Arabic, an engaging and positive individual with a track record of motivating and training players and colleagues alike plus driving a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers.

The successful candidate will have opportunities to work across the business and will be expected to:
  • Supervise all specified sports operations including, but not limited to academic monitoring, equipment and marketing 
  • Monitor professional development of coaches providing support and organizing training sessions when required - this involves developing sports curriculum with the coaches
  • Grow participation of the sport through leagues, tournaments and academies 
  • Responsible for building facility attendance, retaining current clientele and encouraging new members through promotional activities
  • Execute sports elements of inter-school competitions, corporate events and other sports-based events 
  • Bring in accreditation programs through working with the federations 
  • Create accreditation programs to generate awareness, revenue and build qualified staff
  • Participate and represent the company at community events, developing promotional and marketing opportunities to grow awareness of your sport
  • Collaborate with office staff in the coordination of events and training
  • Coordinate with coaches, freelancers and umpires
  • Establish a pipeline of partnership opportunities within specified sport 
  • Absorb industry demands, channeling these insights back internally to drive innovation
  • Responsible in all areas of team performance. Keeping up-to-date records and submitting written results for reviews
  • Responsible for ensuring the working condition of the facility’s sports equipment
  • Initiate and coordinate the selection of sports equipment, keeping track of all expenditures for the sport
  • Complete all required training and certification programs and participate actively in available professional development opportunities
  • Oversee the recruitment of Coaches. Working closely with the HR to ensure the selection of appropriate athletes, testing skill-work and capabilities
  • Provide leadership and instruction in the athletic development of coaches and members 
  • Assist in the team's roster 
  • Jump in and assist wherever the need arises, eg. Member service, front desk help, etc.
  • Lead a minimum of 10 coaching sessions per week including weekends if needed.

Person Specification:
  • Bachelor’s degree required. Degree(s) must be attested 
  • A CPR and first aid certification, which must be renewed annually
  • Strong knowledge of effective coaching practices
  • Demonstrated experience working with U18s - all categories
  • Worked in inter-school/university competitions with a solid understanding of execution on the ground
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively recruit athletic talent 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated management skills
  • Ability to maintain sensitivity, understanding and respect within a diverse environment
  • Excellent knowledge of the sports sector 
  • Experience managing multiple sports
  • Experience in working within a sporting event environment and with athletes
  • Experience in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT etc.
  • Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team
  • Be organized and have good time management skills
  • The ability to meet stringent deadlines
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends

Additional Qualifications:
  • Winning mentality
  • High professional standards
  • Growth Mind-set
  • Team player
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Ability to operate well under pressure

Job Details:
  • This Job Description identifies the main requirements of the role.
  • It is not an exhaustive list of duties, but is intended to reflect the nature, range and context of the work which will change over time.
    About Duplays

    Duplays was founded on a simple observation. People move to a new city and find it difficult to connect with others to play the sports they left behind but still love to play. We wanted to change that, so we started Duplays (yes a play on words for “Dubai plays”), as an online platform that would connect sports enthusiasts with sport leagues that we’d organize across the Emirate. We found the venues, hired the referees, and created teams and schedules. We did this at scale, across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, each night, every night to become the UAE’s largest provider of adult, participatory sport. Our mission today is no different. We want to be the sport venues of choice for people to play sports. Today, we embark on not just organizing high-quality sport experiences but building best-in-class sport facilities at scale across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, starting with our two facilities in Dammam and Jeddah launching in 2022.